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SciFi and Fantasy

Hugo and the Greatest Good
Hugo learned a lot of things in high school, but never right from wrong – so when he was offered a full-ride scholarship to the college of his dreams in exchange for destroying the world, he signed up right away. Unethical ethics professors, econoanesthesiologists, how lawyers think they can bring forth Armageddon, a psychologist who asks patients to call him ‘Daddy’ – plus more trolley problems than you can shake a stick at – all in Hugo and the Greatest Good, a comedy about education, ethics, trolley problems, and, of course, destroying the world. Written by author Andrew Stanek because the forces of good were too late to stop him.

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The Mind-Warper Special
Charlie Allison is a positive guy—and ambitious. At just twenty-two, he owns his own tour-guide business and his own bus, which he’s exceedingly proud of. He spends his workdays driving tourists around the Pacific Northwest, catering, as of late, to a growing customer base: people with an uncanny interest in an old regional flood. Though Charlie doesn’t understand it, he also doesn’t like to look gift horses in the mouth . . . .

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Coalition Defense Force
The brave men and women of the Coalition Defense Force are the only line of defense against a merciless enemy when peace in the Sagittarius Arm is destroyed by a vicious sneak attack. Experience three unique perspectives in an ongoing galactic fight for survival in this first-in-series boxed set. Reservist Fighter Pilot Lieutenant Justin Spencer never expected a live-action battle during his annual two-week tour with the CDF. But when the communist League of Sol arrives on the scene with overwhelming force, illusions of returning home are shattered with one shot across Justin’s cockpit. Now it’s full-on engagement or permanent elimination in Weapons Free, book one in the BATTLEGROUP Z series.

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