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Charmed by the Cowboy
Maddie Faulkner can’t seem to find a place to call home, even in her twenties. Getting attached only makes it hurt more when she has to leave. And leaving is inevitable. For now, she’s back on the ranch she loved as a child and desperate to conceal any connection to the crimes of her parents.

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Heir to Malla
Princess Meera of Malla knows three things—Rish, a noble warrior, is not her equal—she loves him with all her heart—her brother, Crown Prince Jay, would support the match. However, Jay mysteriously disappears—the kingdom of Malla is thrown into chaos—Prince Amar of Padi is threatening to capture both Malla and Meera. As she faces an unsavory future, Meera learns three things—her kingdom needs her—she has to find the strength to defend it—she cannot marry Amar.

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