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We come into the world without understanding our role in this life, and we risk wasting it if we allow ourselves to be led by the herd. Freeing ourselves from the social pressures that paralyse us will not be easy, but from the very moment we were conceived we were granted the chance to choose what to do with our lives. So, let us exercise that power to navigate life freely and with a calm sense of joy.

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Inevitable Revolutions
It’s not time but complacency that is the great equalizer of man’s endeavors, and nowhere is this more apparent than in your business. The moment that you break your vigil, let your guard down, and stop looking introspectively – that’s the moment where things will begin to CRUMBLE. In his master work, Inevitable Revolutions, serial entrepreneur Aaron Vick catalogues the repetitious growth cycles of business organizations worldwide. By comparing this growth anthropomorphically to that of a human child, Vick is able to pinpoint the key leadership characteristics, as well as the organizational milestones, necessary to ensure continued entrepreneurial longevity.

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