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Private Investigator Lou Fleener’s second surprising period thriller explores an explosively dangerous conundrum: how can Lou prevent a huge Nazi terrorist attack when every cop in Chicago thinks we wiped out all the Nazis in the war? It’s early 1960’s Chicago and Lou’s back in business. After his last harrowing heist adventure, he took some time off…and ended up bored out of his skull. Now he’s scouring the city for clients. His fiery wife Cassidy and his painfully awkward yet brilliant best friend Monk are standing by, ready to serve as the crack team that recently bested the mob. But their first customer has a doozy of a problem. She’s an elderly Holocaust survivor who needs Lou to investigate her new neighbor, a Nazi fugitive from justice she recognizes from the camps. Lou’s client is hellbent on getting the Nazi arrested and tried for his brutal crimes.

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Witch on Ice
I’m a witch in love with a frog. And you thought you had problems? Hi, my name is Sammara Eve Hain, and I don’t admit that to just anyone. Especially the witch part. If it were up to me, I would’ve been born into a nice, normal family. One that went camping on weekends and played board games and watched television. Not one that spent their Saturday nights cackling around a cauldron and turning people into frogs.

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