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Contract Snatch
After her daughter’s death, ex-assassin Sei fled to the Ardennes forests of Belgium to try to find peace. But a mysterious source contacts her, promising to return her daughter. Simply take on one last job: break a notorious assassin out of jail. Diyarbakir Prison is the most dangerous place in Turkey. If torture doesn’t kill a prisoner, the guards will. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane. But if Sei ever wants to see her daughter again, she’ll have no choice but to agree to the plan.

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Blood & Fire
Girls are disappearing at an alarming rate and Rose fears that a dark evil has returned … Although Rose escaped from the Sultan years ago, the deadly cult leader continues to torment her. When he killed her boyfriend, Rose vowed to devote her life to hunting him down. Now, her search has led her to a small Australian town where a girl’s body was found surrounded by candles and bowls of blood.

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