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Shadow Kill
Former Navy SEAL John Kovac is an assassin on a mission to eliminate a yakuza boss when the job spirals out of control. Betrayed by his employer and left for dead, Kovac decides to lie low in Tokyo. His plan? Revenge… But when a young woman asks him to protect her from the yakuza, Kovac feels duty-bound to help. She’s a victim of abuse, and long experience tells him if he doesn’t step in tonight she’ll be a corpse before dawn.

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Third Kil
Las Vegas, Nevada: a killer is on the hunt. When the two of the city’s crime bosses are found brutally murdered within days of each other, the fragile balance of Sin City threatens to collapse. It’s exactly what the killer wants… But there is one thing this killer hasn’t counted on… Grant Fletcher has been sent to Vegas by a shady government agency. He has one job: find the killer, and stop them before more people die. Stop them, by any means.

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US UK and CA

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