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SciFi and Fantasy

The Sharded Boy
Hate is a powerful motivator. Pain runs a close second. Jahl Pratter dreams of recognition as a master wielder, but the danger of that recognition stalls his rise. When a stranger hires Jahl for a job only a master wielder can perform, it’s the perfect first step toward the destiny within his grasp. The purchase of a magic stone is his first obstacle; it only requires coin. But is the attention worth the danger wielding brings to him and his family?

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String of Pearls
College student Leanna finds herself on a multi-world quest to protect our realm. One night, Leanna learns that our world is but one of many in a realm, like pearls on an infinite string. Those who keep watch over its balance, the Council of Giants, call on Leanna to train and serve as a Warrior in their ranks. Her younger sister, Violet, becomes a Sensor. But, for a self-proclaimed loner like Leanna, training alongside Warriors from other worlds is not so easy. When she and her compatriots embark on a multi-world quest to stop insurgents, Leanna fights not only wild creatures, demigods, sorcery, and criminals, but also her own dark past.

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