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Paint It Blackmail
A politician’s lie leads to the biggest art heist since World War II. The Government turns to PI John Kite for help as unexplained demonstrations in museums cause a riot on social media. Ex-cop Kite tracks down a corrupt billionaire chasing ultimate power, saves a young girl from certain death and encounters a killer from his own troubled past. Kite himself is pursued by the police, but, with a cool and beautiful woman as his ally, he fights on to unmask a traitor. Meanwhile a mammoth bonfire is prepared: what or whom is meant to burn on it? Kite can use wit, as well as a gun, but is it too late to save the country’s leader and his government?

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US UK and CA

One Town. One Bully. One girl’s fight to stop the torment. After being attacked during an early-morning run, 17-year-old Aleasha Summers discovers her father had secretly trained her to be a spy. Now Drew, an employee from the AGENCY has come to collect her. Aleasha joins the AGENCY and goes to a small town in Washington state where she’s tasked with attending a high school with an unusually high rate of suicides and ties to organized crime. But on her first day at school, she screws up her objective and lands squarely in the crosshairs of the person she was trying to implicate.

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An unimaginable nuclear disaster. Thousands of lives at stake. One man can prevent it … as a global conspiracy plots his assassination. Buckle up NOW for this gripping, action-packed thriller of international intrigue, espionage, suspense & deceit …

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US UK and CA

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