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SciFi and Fantasy

The Twelfth Keeper
Kennedy Mitchell thinks it’s a mistake when she’s proclaimed the world’s twelfth keeper. She’s no warrior. She isn’t wise beyond her years, or more importantly, capable of keeping Earth safe. But since all evidence says otherwise, the job is hers whether she likes it or not. During the highly demanding training regime that follows, Kennedy struggles to fit in with Earth’s renowned protectors. Especially Phoenix Jorgensen, who openly despises her. Problem is, he may be the only one she can trust. The keepers have big secrets surrounding them. With Phoenix’s help, she’ll have to find a way out. Either that or die trying.

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Dragon Chameleon
I’ve been hiding all my life but now I’m doing it for my country. My partner in crime? A chameleon dragon who takes things way too seriously. They keep telling me that the world hangs in the balance, but I try not to take things like explosions, spies, and illicit magic too seriously. After all, I get to ride a dragon! That is … when she lets me.

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General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms
The times were dark.In a green land before time, all animals of the world laboured under the repressive rule of King Roar the Lion and the fierce Felines.Miaow, the timid and inconsequential chief of the cats befriends a fourteen-year-old mysterious explorer, Jack. These two unlikely heroes engage in the impossible struggle for liberty of the repressed animals. The conflict reaches its apogee with an epic but disastrous battle.Although the two protagonists were aware their survival was at stake, little did they know their enduring friendship would radically alter the destiny of the Animal World forever.This book will appeal to fans of “The Hobbit” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

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US UK and CA

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