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Tyler Garrett is a model SWAT officer whose good looks, education and familial status add to that image. The fact that he is a black man in the predominately white Spokane Police Department only adds to the city administration’s pride in one of their own. He’s often pointed to as an example of the department’s best and brightest—a young man on the rise. One summer evening, Garrett stops a reckless driver. It’s something he’s done a thousand times except this time, gunfire erupts from a nearby house. As Garrett dives for cover, the driver turns and begins shooting as well. Garrett survives the ambush by killing the driver and chasing off the additional shooter.

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The Gatsby Murders
The year is 1985. After he drops out of medical school, Christopher Harding decides to move to the island of Nantucket for a change of scene. He gets a job working at a dive bar where he becomes fast friends with the locals. After he falls in love with a co-worker, he learns that there is more to life than cutting up cadavers. It isn’t too long, though, before his new reality takes a turn for the worse. When Christopher discovers a dead body, it becomes clear that all is not right on the island. He begins to wonder about his recent life change and his new friends.

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