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Caged to Kill
After 30 yrs of solitary in a cell the size of a small bathroom, Phillip Dawkins is a survivor. Finally cleared of his wrongful conviction for murdering a cop, he’s determined to live as a free man. He turns to his only friends–his lawyer, David Thompson, and Thompson’s wife and son–for help with the transition. Modern life for a man all alone since the 1980s is stressful enough. But when Phillip perceives that the government is after him, he’s pushed to his breaking point. He fears “they’re” out to put back in his cell or to put him 6 feet under. He begins to doubt his sanity and innocence. And it’s getting harder to resist his inner voice urging him to kill David, and maybe his family too . . .

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The Druid
Northern Britain, AD430. A land in turmoil. A village ablaze. A king’s daughter abducted. In the aftermath of a surprise attack Dun Buic lies in smoking ruins and many innocent villagers are dead. As the survivors try to make sense of the night’s events the giant warrior-druid, Bellicus, is tasked with hunting down the raiders and thwarting their dark purpose. With years of training in the old ways, two war-dogs at his side, and unsurpassed skill with a longsword, Bellicus’s quest will take him on a perilous journey through lands still struggling to cope with the departure of the Roman legions.

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