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Power Trip
Eric Swan can be killed – but he can never die. For a government agent hunting the most dangerous domestic terrorists, that comes in handy. But Swan is beginning to question his own humanity. Is technology turning this secret agent into a monster himself? Now villainous brother-sister twins, fueled by a lust for power and revenge, have set their sights on taking down the nation’s power grid. And they’ve hired a swarm of mercenaries to protect them. With millions of lives at stake, how can Swan battle an army of killers while questioning the authenticity of his own soul? If he fails, the country will slip into a dark age of chaos and anarchy.

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Cowboy Luke
What’s a woman to do to get over a lying, cheating ex-husband? She finds a cowboy-firefighter like Luke “Mug” Foster to salve her open wounds. He’s exactly what the “heart” doctor ordered. He was tall, dark, handsome, and eager to stoke her fire. But what happens when Jady Pierce starts to have feelings for him? She runs before she loses herself to another heartbreak. People couldn’t be trusted, and she’d learned that lesson through a long list of men who’d done her dirty.

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US UK and CA

The Lead Cloak
Nevada, 2081. Colonel Byron Shaw safeguards the world’s innermost secrets. From a control center in Area 51, he monitors the expansive surveillance system that once saved him certain death at the hands of ruthless kidnappers. But not everyone trusts technology that peers through strangers’ eyes, so it’s no shock when a guerrilla attack nearly wipes out the network and spills his blood. Tasked with tracking down the terrorist cell, Byron sets off on a globe-spanning chase that brings him to the outer edge of Earth’s atmosphere. But as he infiltrates their ranks, a growing suspicion about the system that preserved his own life could sabotage civilization.

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