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Good Neighbors
Elliot Jefferson moved to the isolated Estates of North Hills to work on his sobriety and avoid other people at all costs. But when the electric transformers around the complex begin emitting a horrible buzz that he calls ‘the Squall,’ neither is easy to achieve. Because some of his neighbors are acting strange. Twitching, fighting, and
muttering about voices only they can hear.

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The Hidden Graveyard
Twenty years after their parent’s tragic disappearance, brothers Damian and Liam are on the hunt for the truth. Traveling to the shadowy woodland where that fateful day occurred, nothing could have prepared them for what old forces they were about to stumble into. Shrouded in mystery, the forest hides many dangers and has swallowed many souls. Determined to investigate the cause of their parents’ disappearance, Damian and Liam must sift through the stories and decide who they can trust… and who might be hiding something.

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US UK and CA

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