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The Future of Education
Why are the schools of today teaching the children of tomorrow about the world of yesterday? The modern world boarded a supersonic train into the innovative 4.0 era, however schools were mostly left dragging far behind. Schools should not only be on the train zooming into the future – they should be the locomotive leading it! The Future of Education is a revolutionary book which shows how similar the schools of today are to the long-ago schools of the past and offers a fascinating peek into an exciting and innovative school in the year 2050.

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4 Ideas With Actionable Wisdom
“4 Ideas With Actionable Wisdom” plants seeds of inspiration in the minds of readers who are looking to balance their lives, be more grateful, and increase creativity. If you’re interested in this book, congratulations! You’re fertile soil, ready to nourish these idea seedlings, reap the harvest, and improve your life.

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