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Super Quick Mysteries, Volume 1
Chuck is a lazybones who works at a sandwich shop. Andy is a reporter who can’t quite seem to please his editor. Both have a knack for finding and solving mysteries, and there are plenty in the city of Lesser Redmond! Thirty super quick mysteries you can solve yourself!

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The Unsub
In his seventh hard boiled tale, New York-based private eye Joey Mancuso travels to the lush, verdant shores of Miami Beach. But this is no vacation—Joey’s wading knee deep into a gritty cesspool of corruption, using his street smarts and industry connections to investigate a vast financial conspiracy. A young hedge fund employee—a kid right out of college, green as can be—was killed by an anonymous sedan while on a motorcycle ride after hitting the South Beach clubs. Miami Beach police don’t seem interested, but Joey does—the kid’s dad is a friend of a friend. And Joey Mancuso is nothing if not a loyal friend. So Joey and Marcy, his gun-toting F.B.I. agent wife, hole up on a boat in Miami Beach, hellbent on figuring out how an entry-level employee could provoke such tragedy.

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