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Finding Faith
Two decades ago, Mary’s mom walked out. A few days later, her dad started drinking. He never stopped. Mary swore off alcohol. She also decided she’d never have kids, just in case she took after her parents. A year ago, Mary’s boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t want to have any children. Yesterday, for the first time in a year, Mary met someone. Someone hunky. Someone smart. Someone who made her goofy smile. Someone who sent a shiver up her spine. Tomorrow she’s going on a first date.

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Flirting with the Barrel Racer
Courtney has made her dream of becoming a barrel racing champion come true, but as she watches her friends all find love, her dreams shift. Dallas lost his wife to cancer and is afraid to open his heart again. His daughter, Rebekah, is his entire world, and he is happy to leave it that way. Rebekah sees her dad is lost and has a different plan.

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