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Tickets To Kolkata
A young couple. A mysterious land. Finding the treasure is their only option. What could be better than a honeymoon in the far-off picturesque land of India for a newlywed couple? These were the thoughts of young lovers Jack and Christie as they boarded a beautiful luxury ship bound for the mysterious country of many secrets. But soon, their whimsical vacation becomes a journey full of unexpected adventures and wonderful discoveries.

US UK and CA

Cal Rogan has reached rock bottom. Once a rising-star detective, he has one friend left from his old life. When he finds him dead, his former colleagues rule it a suicide. Cal is determined to prove them wrong and sets himself on a chilling path he never could have imagined. If you like heroes who struggle with their demons, gritty urban police detectives, and clues you won’t see coming, get Robert P. French’s compelling debut novel and follow Cal’s wild ride from the drug-infested streets through the worlds of drug gangs, big business, and the super-rich to its stunning conclusion.

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US UK and CA

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