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Off the Grid
The world stopped seconds after the EMP was detonated. No communication, no transportation, no power. Hundreds of millions of people are suddenly alone and afraid. With food and water in short supply, people are scrambling for resources. But fighting for your next meal might not matter if you can’t stay warm during the worst winter storm in years.

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The Watson Girl
For fifteen years Laura Watson believed her family’s killer had been caught and was awaiting execution on death row. While she moves on with life with her adoptive family, she also lives in terror and uncertainty of the fear that she will one day remember what really happened that night.

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Book one of the Davidic Chronicles immerses you in a young David’s world in a time of bloody war and supernatural deliverance. Witness the titanic collision between Goliath’s gods and David’s faith in Jehovah. Beautifully crafted with an air of ancient ambiance throughout, the Davidic Chronicles creates a masterful tapestry of woven threads that are both biblically and historically accurate. See the world as young David saw it. Experience the anointing by the great prophet Samuel. Feel the tension of Philistine domination that overshadowed every aspect of life. Risk the terror of Goliath’s rage as he calls upon his gods in defiance. Be carried away by the dark suspicion of King Saul. And know the power of the Spirit of the Lord to deliver Israel by His hand.

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In a divided nation, 14-year-old Jetta belongs nowhere. Her face is split right down the middle: half-black and half-white. The non-white residents of her New Orleans camp call her a demon. The white oppressors who took over during the 2nd American Civil War have called her much worse… After years as an outcast, Jetta uncovers her true heritage as the daughter of an African storm god and a Finnish death goddess. As she attempts to harness her terrible new abilities to turn the tide in the war, trouble comes to those she tries to help. Only Jetta has the power to heal her divided homeland… or destroy everything in her path…

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US UK and CA

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