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The Covenant
What do you do when you have nothing left to live for? A former investigator turned vagabond seeks the answer.

After a heart-rending defeat five years, gifted-success-story Clyde Barker died to the world. He walks aimlessly alongside his scrappy Husky while the ghosts of the past haunt him. Seeking redemption, he helps a desperate widow investigate the disappearance of her rebellious son. His search quickly plunges him into West Virginia’s darkest recesses where he must confront an old adversary and undo years of damage. Even with his ability to communicate with the dead, the vagabond may just be embarking on his final journey.

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Makala thought she would be used to threats. Apparently not. When she captures James Ingram, there’s something about him that sets her on edge. Serial killers are just one of the drawbacks to being a U.S. Marshal. But does Makala have to take crap from one of her own as well? When she heads to South Dakota to bring in a fugitive on the run, she quickly learns just how much Sheriff Gage Dawson doesn’t want her on this case. Not that she cares. She has jurisdiction, and she’ll bring in the fugitive dead or alive.

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US UK and CA

A frantic sister is determined to find her missing brother even though no one else at the isolated California Jockey School seems to care. Her only ally is a rugged private investigator who unfortunately is the owner’s best friend. Soon she is torn between a smoldering romance and a far-reaching conspiracy. Can the pair survive treachery, betrayal, and their own mistrust?

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Was he her enemy? Her savior? Her guardian? Or something much more terrifying? Seers, the mysterious race of beings discovered on Earth, have fascinated Allie since childhood, since the first time she went to see them in an exhibit with her father at the Oakland Coliseum in California. But you have to be rich to own a seer, and it’s illegal to let them roam un-collared, since they’re dangerous as hell. With their insanely strong psychic powers, seers have been used to wage wars, commit terrorism, expand organized crime, even take over governments.

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US UK and CA

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