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SciFi and Fantasy

Call: Pied Piper Retold
A sole survivor. A desperate mother. An impossible quest. Once upon a time … Zoticus the assassin has killed more people than he can count, but when he is the sole survivor in a town wiped out by plague, he vows to stop the scourge before more innocent lives are lost. But what use is one man against a deadly disease?

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The Sariah Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set
The amulet Sariah found buried in the mines looked liked her ticket out of her half-starved backwater life. The pendant was surely very valuable. The assassin who tried to steal it apparently agreed. Now all she wants is revenge. Or at least justice. With a little help from a friendly mystic she learns about magic. Only with its help does she stand a chance to vanquish the forces that destroyed her life. She hates magic.

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She’s the only one who sees the danger to her planet. But no one will believe her. Generations ago, space-faring settlers learned to attune to the powerful planetary force of Primae IV and use it to navigate the wild forests and deserts of their new world. Aisha is just one year away from graduating university. She dreams of joining the elite Order of Webdancers, skilled adepts who roam the wilderness, guarding the planet’s security.

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