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Kate Benedict Mystery Series Vol. 1-5
Meet Kate Benedict — a promising young British architect who solves mysteries on the side. And she has an edge — an unusual, supernatural talent: she sees mysterious, swirling, death-predicting auras hovering over the people around her. She uses these paranormal powers to save her aura-ridden friends, neighbors, and coworkers who are oblivious to the danger they’re in — and they never believe her.

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To Hex and Back
Alice runs a private investigations office in the quirky town of New Shrimpton. She has a few tricks up her sleeves — magic being the main one. But few know her secret besides Aunt Penny and Alice’s two mischievous cats. The local small business owners, including Alice and Aunt Penny, are invited to a seminar at a cozy island hotel. But after a storm hits, no one can leave the island until it’s safe. That wouldn’t be a problem — except for the body soon discovered in the common area!

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US UK and CA

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