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Steamy Romance

Allie Styles is a woman on the rebound. After a failed relationship, she starts dating Pete, who’s not exactly rocking her boat. But things get complicated when Allie meets his new roommate, Matt Goldberg. Matt’s smart, funny, and damn sexy. Why couldn’t she have met him first? Whenever the two of them are in a room together, the chemistry is undeniable. Even after Allie attempts to remove the obstacles in their path, new ones keep popping up.

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Alien Legacy
Just his luck, alien-hybrid Ben Duncan is the only one for the job. Being an empath and a financial wizard, he’s called in to uncover an essential ally at a small regional bank in Vegas to thwart a plot his alien ancestors, the Akurns, seemed to have started there. If their heinous plans are successful, the global economy would crash and weaken mankind for their invasion in less than five short months. When Ben arrives at his assignment as a covert consultant, he meets the intriguing Julienne and is alarmed at the intense attraction he has for her. He’d love to indulge in his obsession with the delectable woman, but knows he has no choice but to stay as far away from her as possible. The fate of billions don’t leave time for anything personal.

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Tempting Fate
At first, Hercules Valentine was the boy that set my soul on fire. Temptation personified; he was the flame, and I, the moth. At least that’s how I felt. Because Hercules Valentine was off-limits, I knew that just as well as I knew my name. The rivalry between our families has deep roots. My family will never accept him, and his family will never welcome me either. I know this for a fact. However, no matter where life takes us, fate has a funny way of bringing Hercules and me back together again. He doesn’t know it, but he’s been my first real kiss, among other things.

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A Taste of Peace
When I got my dream job working for the hottest billionaire in town, I thought my problems were over… But nothing had prepared me for Lachlan Peace … The next thing I know, I was asked to be my new boss’s fake date. Draped in a designer gown, I had to avoid melting under his lingering X-rated gaze. One sultry night, I gave him everything. It didn’t matter that we were complete opposites, or that he had dark secrets he’d do anything to keep.

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Billionaire Factor
My back is up against the wall. He’s an uncompromising billionaire. I have one card left to play. Desperation. Once, I had it all. Then, I made a fateful mistake that cost me everything. On the brinks of financial disaster, I’m forced to rebuild my life. Now, I’m about to meet Bryce, a Silicon Valley trailblazing billionaire in the Big Apple for business.

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