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Project Z
Thirteen ordinary Angelenos desperately seek to survive the horrors and destruction of a bloody zombie apocalypse and reluctantly embark on a quest to reach the safety of a bunker in Fort Collins, Colorado. Zoe Beauchamp, a strong-willed woman, takes the helm and leads the group through a white-knuckle race through the zombie infestation , only to be shockingly confronted with the most exhilarating conundrum of her life in a mind-blowing living dead adventure with a Deja Vu-like twist.

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Nightshade’s Requiem
Before she died, Cole Nightshade’s grandmother taught him how to keep his demons from coming out of their hiding places and wreaking havoc. But none of Nana’s lessons have prepared him for Saint Edwards Mental Asylum, where he’s landed after a foster-care placement gone wrong. Saint Edwards has a history of abuse and death that makes itself known to Cole in alarming ways. Walls containing the spirits of prior inmates scream in agony. Young women who once ran from monsters, or from their own pain, leap to their deaths again and again.

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US UK and CA

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