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Ditches to Riches
Homeless. Addicted. Alone. Ron Worley hit rock bottom, but climbed his way back and into money, a successful business, and fulfillment. Now a changed man, he is helping others do the same. Negative circumstances can overshadow a life of purpose. Making brave and hard choices can seem impossible. Yet, you don’t have to accept a world of mediocrity. Your growth is your choice. If trauma and failure set you adrift, step up with Ditches to Riches.

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They Can’t Eat You for Supper
When a lavish lifestyle and controlling marriage left her broken, she traded the pressures of perfection for her sanity. Today, her southern farmhouse can’t compare to the mansion she left, but her family has peace. Until she’s blindsided. The fog lifts, and she’s separated from two daughters she swore to protect. An ill child relies on Kristin’s medical skills, while luxurious promises lure her teen out of reach. Fighting to remain relevant to them wasn’t something she prepared for, but she’s here now. It’s a familiar psychological hell. Only this time, the stakes are higher.

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