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The Dead-End Job Mysteries
Even though Helen Hawthorne is just a gofer at his upscale hair salon, she has to admit the fabulous Miguel Angel is a master at the craft of coif. But with great heads of hair come great headaches. Especially when Miguel and Helen prepare the pregnant fiancée of Kingman “King” Oden for her nuptials. When King tries to throw his weight around the shop, Miguel delivers a vicious dressing down — along with a killer threat. Which is why Miguel is named the prime suspect when King’s body is found drowned in a pool at his own wedding. Helen knows her boss might have a temper, but murder? That’s just not his style.

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The Guilty Course
Emily Fox wonders how far her husband Henry will go to protect their adopted daughter from her felonious father. Henry storms into a rented bungalow ready to confront the man but instead finds him shot dead on the bathroom floor! Emily protests the arrest but when she learns Henry owned a gun and discovers it’s now missing, doubts begin to creep in. Henry is convinced the murderer is one of the plaintiffs in a recent law suit against the victim, but when his daughter’s hair tie is found near the gun’s empty lock box and a witness places her at the murder scene, Henry confesses to the murder. It’s up to Emily, an inexperienced defense attorney, and an unconventional private investigator to prove Henry’s innocence before his guilty course ends in a life sentence.

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