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SciFi and Fantasy

Cowboy Necromancer
Sterling Wallet ain’t your typical necromancer. Even with the game system and mancer class forced onto him by the alien monoliths known as Godwalkers, Sterling just wants to farm his peppers in peace and live out the rest of his troubled existence in quiet. But when the Godwalkers show to destroy his property – and Killbilly bandits appear trying to impose a pepper tax – the tough-as-bones haiku-writing loner decides enough is enough. It’s time for Sterling to reassemble his old team, open up a much needed can of whoop ass, and put an end to the alien threat once like he should have done five years ago. Or die trying.

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US UK and CA

Galaxy Run
When deep space bounty hunters Gunn and Salvo chase down a teenager linked to the catastrophic loss of a space station, everything about the job feels off. They’re used to greedy people lying to them. But honest people who should know better? That’s new. So they do the one thing you don’t do in their line of work: Ask questions. Before they know it, they’re the ones with a galaxy-wide bounty on their heads … and the fate of humanity in their hands.

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US UK and CA

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