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I Do All The Cooking!
When Heidi’s boyfriend doesn’t appreciate her cooking, she decides to dump him and impress the handsome new guy with her outstanding cooking ability. There’s just one problem – Heidi can’t cook. She’s been buying food from a restaurant and passing it off as her own! When her ex gets a job at the restaurant without her knowing, things go from bad to worse. Find out what happens next in I Do All The Cooking !, a delicious new culinary comedy whipped up by author Andrew Stanek.

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The Beach House
When her gram passes away, Melanie Simpsonfeels utterly lost. But her grandmother’s will gives her a purpose: an inheritance to buy a crumbling house in Rosemary Bay. They used to visit the village every summer, sit by the sparkling water on a beach the color of pearl, and daydream about turning the place on the corner into a bed and breakfast. On her first night in her new hometown, Melanie meets local contractor and landowner Josh Claiborne , whose eyes match the dazzling sea. Melanie plans to restore the beach house to its original glory, and Josh is the perfect person to help renovate the wrap-around porch weathered by the coastal breeze and the peeling white paint faded by the sun.

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