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Body Detox + Mind Detox + Spirit Detox
The present day approach to DETOX, as a ‘physical cleansing through liquid diet’ is a VERY PRIMITIVE and a ONE-DIMENSIONAL look at a much more intricate healing technique, which could have miraculous health benefits when done properly.

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Why Won’t My Baby Take A Bottle?
You know your baby’s hungry… but no matter what you try, they just won’t eat. Don’t worry: help is at hand! Does your baby resist being fed, even when you know they must be hungry? Is the bottle constantly met with screaming, gagging, or vomiting? You must be at your wit’s end — but don’t worry: you’re not the only parent who has been through this. In fact, up to 50% of babies have feeding difficulties. It’s known as ‘bottle aversion’, and most parents don’t realize just how common it is.

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