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SciFi and Fantasy

A Scarlet Fever
Mina’s dying for life to return to normal. But she’s still reeling from her mother’s sudden death. What she wants most in the world is to get back to art school and her job at a downtown tattoo shop. Then her roommate suggests a night of dance, drink and distraction. Despite a backlog of schoolwork, Mina agrees. She soon finds herself in the arms of a sexy stranger with amber eyes. When she invites him home, she doesn’t realize they’re the eyes of a devil in disguise.

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The Crimson Deathbringer
When Earth gets embroiled in the middle of an intergalactic war, humanity’s only hope for survival rests with a rag-tag team of unlikely heroes which includes an ace fighter pilot, a stuntwoman, a super-assassin, and an alien prankster. Jim, a wise-cracking, OCD-suffering fighter pilot, is about to propose to his girlfriend when his friend Kurt surprises them by showing up at his house, wounded and covered in blood. This is just the beginning of Jim’s woes because soon after his life is thrown into a galactic conflict that threatens the very existence of the human race.

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All the Gods Against Me
Clarence Manning is a working stiff and borderline alcoholic whose only solace is gazing out his window at mankind with a drink in his hand. Love and beauty are dead and gone. Yet he smells rose petals on the night wind. . . sees them falling from the sky. When three sentient beings disrupt his life, Clarence scoffs at their divine nature. The Blue God, Trujillo, matches Clarence’s apathy with divine, razor-like arrogance. Lenore, the god of yellow light, bestows the most beautiful, loving companion. And Donatello, The Red God, offers loyalty and friendship in a way he’s never known.

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