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The Kingdom of Dog
When his mentor, Joe Dagorian, director of admissions at prestigious Eastern College, is murdered during a fund-raising event, Steve Levitan feels obliged to investigate. He and his golden retriever, Rochester, go nose to the ground to dig up clues, including a bloody knife and some curious photographs. But will Steve’s curiosity and Rochester’s savvy save them when the killer comes calling? A cozy mystery for dog lovers!

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US UK and CA

A Chase of Twilight
When an elderly woman is killed out walking her dogs, Cora doesn’t believe the stolen necklace removed from the deceased woman is the main motive. Neither does Sir Jasper, her familiar. He thinks the dogs did it … but then he he’s a little biased. Cody is taking classes to sharpen his magic skills. However, when he meets a new woman at the meetings, will Cora have a rival? She tries to tell Nana nothing’s going on between her and Cody. But Nana knows her granddaughter all too well. And speaking of Nana, what is it that makes her and Ben, Cora’s father, squabble so? The truth will come out sooner or later.

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US UK and CA

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