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Mind in Rehabilitation
An insightful voyage into the unique experience of persons with disabilities. Golan suffered a serious brain injury in the war, and must cope with the consequences; Nadav, ten years old, with a congenital orthopedic disability that prevented his leg from developing properly, is struggling for his standing among his classmates; Rina is dealing with the recurrence of breast cancer and the uncertainty of her future life.

US UK and CA

How to Train Your Puppy for Kids
So you’ve finally given in to your child’s constant pleas for a new dog. Are you ready to welcome this new addition into your life? While owning a dog can seem like an additional chore for you, it can be the start of a magical and lifelong bond between your child and their dog. Having a puppy they love is like having a best friend that loves them unconditionally and supports them no matter what.

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