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SciFi and Fantasy

The Mutineer’s Revenge Illustrated
The Federation are wreaking havoc. Miles the Mutineer hides on enemy ships, sending signals to fellow outlaws. Enter the cavern of Giant Scorpions. . . In the deep tunnels under the earth, Miles finds a lost diary from a treasure hunt that might hold the answer to defeating the Sunken Empire. But he can’t reveal his treachery too soon. If Telescope Jim discovers his trail, the treasure could fall into the hands of the Federation. Meanwhile rogues and outlaws of all kinds join in delaying the Federation. But will their attacks be enough to keep Telescope Jim from finding the Undying Element?

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Blade’s Edge
Sometimes getting in bed with the enemy gives you the edge you need… For Zonan Silvergard Commander Taryn Penthes, an assignment to escort a group of Bariani diplomats seems routine-until the party is ambushed. And when she realizes the attacker she just killed is the Zonan Crown Prince’s lover, political winds shift. Now she’s in a race to get the surviving diplomat to safety-while using whatever means necessary to find out what he knows. Blade Von Stassos isn’t all that surprised at the assassination attempt a mere fifteen minutes after he arrives in the Zonan capital. What does surprise him is the ferocious, deadly skill with which Taryn protects him. With no choice but to follow her lead, he tries to ignore the instincts telling him he’s finally found a worthy consort in her. Which comes as a surprise, since he’s not long on trust when it comes to women or Zonans.

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