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Unlocking the Cage
Are you a fan of MMA? Do you have a favorite fighter? Have you always wondered what is this life like? Mark Tullius, a former cage fighter and boxer, will answer all of your questions. Find out what does it take to become an MMA fighter and how difficult the life of these athletes is. There are so many people who are uneducated about this sport. They believe that fighters are savages who like punching others. But every MMA athlete has his own background story and the reason why they decided to walk down this road.

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Savoring the World
Not your typical travelogue. Instead, this book is organized by the nature of the experience the author had while traveling. I am an avid world traveler. I have lived in a variety of international locations, and I have both studied abroad and taught abroad. I have backpacked, camped out, stayed at youth hostels, and now, in my senior years, I have stayed in topnotch hotels and resorts. I have flown standby, and I have flown first class. I have hitchhiked, and I have taken public transportation, slow trains, fast trains, boats, and ships. I cherish my memories.

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