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The Phoenix Quest
Every year, upon the Phoenix’s death and rebirth, the island is also born anew. Jungle may appear where once a desert existed, swamps might be replaced with a placid lake, and highland hills could become treacherous, forbidding mountains. Those who live on the island are trapped by a mysterious and impenetrable fog. They cannot leave, and few ever find their way to the island. It is into this ever-changing landscape that seventeen-year-old Roy must venture if he intends to clear his name and prove himself worthy of the Phoenix Gift. He must find and confront the legendary Phoenix, one of the two vast and ancient powers that rule the island, while avoiding the many dangerous creatures that hunt the interior.

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Art & Grace
Bristol, England, in the early Nineteenth Century. The slave trade has been abolished but slavery itself has not yet been outlawed. Bess, a young woman of mixed heritage, has an ambiguous position in the home of the once-eminent Liston family. Raised and educated alongside the family’s children, Richard and Artemisia, she has been increasingly confined to the role of a domestic servant since the death of Joshua Liston, the household’s head. When Richard Liston instigates an introduction between Captain Adam Bryce, a Royal Naval officer of repute, and his sister, Artemisia, Adam shows greater interest in Bess. Pressed by Artemisia to stalk Adam, Bess’s problems begin. And when the ailing matriarch, Elizabeth Liston, presents Bess with an impossible choice, the weaving of a web of deceit commences that will ultimately push Bess and Artemisia’s friendship to the brink.

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The Killing Times
Then: Salem, MA 1692. Burning, hanging, stoning and drowning were the way they killed a witch. The trials were a joke, and the deaths were a shame. The Killing times changed so many lives… forever. Now: Salem, SC. Elizabeth LaRue has come home. After a stint in the FBI, a failed assignment and a disastrous affair, she has returned to a town she willingly walked away from, her body and heart battered and bruised. Her father’s sudden death has brought her home, opening up more questions that need answers. As she agrees to step in as Sheriff, she finds that the sleepy town isn’t quite as tranquil as she thought. A string of bizarre killings that are mimicking the Salem Witch trials is plaguing the town, and scaring the people she has sworn to protect.

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