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Colorado Summer Stars
How did her relationship go so wrong? When NICOLE PHILLIPS flees San Francisco after her boyfriend’s jealousy turns violent, she doesn’t know where to go next. Out of a job and a place to live, she heads to the only place she feels safe—her childhood home in the tiny town of Peakview, nestled high in the Colorado Rockies. The one place she’d sworn to never live again. RICK BRADY was a skinny, nerdy kid, earning him the not-so-flattering nickname of Scarecrow in high school. He’d been glad to escape his reputation and leave Peakview behind. When his parents’ health begins to fail, he returns to Peakview and opens his own veterinarian practice on their ranch. He’s never really been in love, unless you count that crush he had on the most popular girl in school from kindergarten through senior year.

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Mending Walls with the Billionaire
Araceli is searching for a way to make a difference. When an opportunity to volunteer on a service trip to a Haitian orphanage comes her way, she will do anything to go, including facing her childhood nemesis. Kyle followed his mother’s footsteps and oversees the charity arm of the family’s multibillion-dollar empire. Now if he could only find a wife who shares his passion for giving not only money but time. A twist of fate sends him to Haiti to supervise a group of volunteers.

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If I Loved You
Two troubled strangers, a remote mountain cabin. Both arrive at the same time. Both expect to be alone. And neither expects the cabin to be haunted…

When Carly Fullerton’s doctor tells her she must take some time away from her business to rest and regain her health, the only place she can afford to go to is a remote cabin that she owns with her two half-sisters. She’s paid little attention to the cabin, and doesn’t know her sister, Julia, has rented it out.

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