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Her Second Chance Cowboy
Georgie and Sam were high school sweethearts. Back then, they had planned to leave Prairie Valley and go to college together in the city. But everything changed when Sam inherited his family ranch and decided to stay behind. Georgie understood why he had to stay, but it still hurt. Now, after many years and a failed marriage to a politician in the city, Georgie has come back to town with her kids to escape her problems. When Sam sees Georgie, old feelings resurface and he regrets that he let her go. He desperately wants to pick up where they left off, but he knows she’s coming off a bad relationship and she’s not looking for a new man right now. Plus, he already had his chance with her when they were teenagers and he messed it up.

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The Innkeeper’s Bride
Bellamy and Declan O’Neill return home to the small New England town of Blossom Creek to deal with a bequest that neither of them wants: joint ownership of his late grandmother’s bed and breakfast. As they arrive in town, the estranged couple is convinced of two things: their marriage needs to end, and the last thing either of them wants is to be in business together. But, the terms of the will are clear: they must run the bed and breakfast, which is also a one stop wedding venue, together, at least until the estate is settled, and it can only be sold if they both agree.

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