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Steamy Romance

Jade Fierce thought she had it all. Many looked at her and assumed the same thing. She’s been misunderstood her whole life and was just sick of it. With all her brothers sliding into love around her, the dreams she’s had of wanting the same were suffocating her. But the last thing she plans on having done is her parents setting her up!

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Ashes and Wine
It’s Lilah’s birthday, but why does it feel like her sister’s the star of this party. She’s gotten used to being second-rate to her more outgoing sister, Southern. But when Southern winds up dead, no one was more puzzled than Lilah over who had the motive to kill her. Wyatt’s been a police officer for a year, and he’s already ripe for a promotion. There is so much that he could be doing with his talent, especially after being stuck with a lazy partner.

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Light of Embre
When Princess Sarel is promised to Prince Dran, she knows better than to expect a love match. But when the kind, gentle heir to the Opian throne steals her heart, she vows to unite their kingdoms under the eyes of the gods. While on voyage to the new land, her caravan is overtaken by thieves and she is held for ransom. Her only hope for survival comes when Dran dares to escape and find help, leaving her alone with just her palace guard, Renar.

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