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Spices & Herbs for Beginners
Most of us are familiar with a few spices and herbs but have never taken the time to learn their full potential. As a result, we lose countless opportunities to turn an ordinary dish into an unforgettable one. With so many spices and herbs available to us, why not take advantage of what they have to offer? Just a little understanding of these amazing natural ingredients will go a long way. And, you don’t even have to completely change what you love to cook.

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The Meaning of Myth
What is myth, and why does it have such a hold on the human mind? How does myth relate to near forms such as legend and fairy tale, and to other modes of understanding such as religion and science? What is a hero, what is a monster, and what function does magic serve? How has our relationship with myth and mythology changed over the centuries? And are there any modern myths?

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