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“Woo-Woo” Weight Loss
According to the CDC, almost half of all American adults have tried to lose weight. The majority of them tried to do it by exercising and eating less food. 80% of people will regain half of what they’ve lost within twelve months. There’s a reason for this that has nothing to do with exercise and food. Have you lost and regained weight many times and tried all the major weight loss programs only to feel like a failure when you couldn’t maintain the program or the loss? It was only when practicing hypnotherapy that I discovered the real root causes for weight gain. I want to share these with you so that you know it’s not willpower you need and you are not a failure.

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Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence
Many spiritual masters have stated that the mind is the source of the suffering and liberation. Understanding our mind’s conflicts helps us to overcome our suffering. “Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence” blends the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom of Yoga with Western psychology, modern science, insights from Holy spiritual book “Ramacharitamanas” (a profound epic on deeds of Lord Rama), and personal life experiences. It helps you develop the right understanding and thinking about your life’s inner conflicts and enables you to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and use creative forces to discover life’s purpose.

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