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The Greek Coins Affair
A fortune in stolen antiquities, a bag of loose diamonds, and two dead men. It’s bitter cold in February, 1918, when Pinkerton detective Sherwood Garth is assigned to team up with Major James Mallory. Their job is to ferret out the missing diamonds, but when the trail leads directly to a dead body in an abandoned barn, the two men join with the Cleveland Police Department to solve both the murder and the question of the gems.

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A Dash of Sorcery
Hey there, my name is Georgette, but you can call me Georgie…everyone does. I own the local art gallery for up and coming artists in the city. I can also summon Mother Nature if need be. See, I’m a witch that controls fire, wind, water and the air. As the saying goes, don’t mess with Mother Nature. Although, I’m only mother to a cat familiar, Mr. Marcel. Mr. Marcel is 196 years old and never lets me forget it. He wears a monocle…I don’t know why…he thinks it makes him look regal although all the other cats laugh at him. What these other cats can’t do that Marcel can is identify when someone is lying or exaggerating. He also has flashes of the future, however, those can be confusing and get us into all kinds of trouble. He’s my bestie and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

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