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The Haunting of Beckett Mansion
A mansion sits on top of a mountain in northern Georgia. The estate is in disrepair, but one couple is determined to restore the estate to its former glory. But when strange accidents begin to become more dangerous, putting their crew’s lives at risk, the fixer-upper couple realize they might have bitten off more than they could chew.

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The Auctioneers
When LA social worker Anabel Medina sees a heavily armed gunman open fire at a shopping mall in Malibu, she almost snickers at the cruelly ironic fact that, after everything she’s managed to survive throughout her violent childhood in El Salvador, she’s now about to die. Here. In Malibu.

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US UK and CA

Anywhere the Weeds Grow
There is a vast difference between having it all and being fulfilled. In the eyes of most onlookers, Carol Burgess couldn’t ask for a more gratifying life. She’d climbed the corporate ladder and taken her swipes at the glass ceiling, leaving a few cracks along the way. When she’s finally the one in charge, she discovers change is still taboo in the elite literary industry. Faced with the choice of keeping the status quo or starting a revolution of ideas, Carol seeks out a fresh and undiscovered voice in the writing world. Rather than searching the usual universities and conferences, she broadens her pursuit to a less conventional hunting ground. Sending her charming assistant, Terrance, to entice her reluctant prospect, sets in motion a journey none of them expect.

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