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Body at the Bakery
When a body is found in her sister’s bakery, Morgana rushes to Ellie’s aid. She’s supposed to have ‘abilities’ to see more than most, but she’s suppressed them for years. However, if she wants to help Ellie, then it’s time to dust off her pointy hat and get back on that metaphorical broomstick.

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Thy Killer’s Keeper
Some crimes are inexplicable and defy reason. John Salton doesn’t believe that. As a veteran FBI agent and profiler, he maintains that there is a motive and a reason for every crime…until the unthinkable hits home. Three years after his artist-wife picked up and lit an acetylene torch and approached her two-year old, the father still can’t deal with the horrible memory. It might be the reason why he fashions an outlandish theory for what really happened to his family.

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