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Three Dogs in a Row
In IN DOG WE TRUST, Steve Levitan has returned to his hometown of Stewart’s Crossing, after a bad divorce and a brief prison term for computer hacking. While he’s getting his life back together, trying to start a new career in technical writing and reporting regularly to his parole officer, he becomes friendly with his next-door neighbor, Caroline Kelly, and her golden retriever, Rochester. When Caroline is killed, Steve’s high-school pal, the local police detective, asks him to become the dog’s temporary guardian. With canine charm and doggy love, Rochester begins to win Steve over, and these two unlikely sleuths work to uncover the mystery behind Caroline’s death.

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Lethal Ambition
Election night. Crusading African American lawyer, Marcus Blanchard, disappears on the verge of unseating entrenched Congressman Julius McGee. As the final vote tallies come in, Marcus is found crouching over the dead body of his girlfriend. Charged with Aggravated Murder, he turns to the only man he can trust. Brilliant but struggling with the ravages of age, Edward Mead takes the case while nursing his wife through the merciless treatments for stage-four breast cancer. Mead is thrust headlong into Cleveland’s gritty underbelly, colliding with drug dealers and thugs, race riots and protests, and an all-pervasive political corruption that enslaves its citizens in poverty while sowing the seeds of division and hatred.

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