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Twice Shy
Rebecca returns to her childhood home after her grandmother dies, only to discover that she might not have known her beloved Gran at all. Arriving at Waterlily Bay Lodge, she’s surprised to discover her childhood sweetheart in residence… the same young man who disappeared on the night of their high school prom. As the truth about Mitch’s disappearance is revealed, can they come to terms about what tore them apart?

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A Masked Lady for Mr. Kenworthy
Faye Winters is the only daughter of the late Earl of Welborn. She is shocked when she discovers that her father has left her and her mother in a dire financial situation. Her father’s distant cousin Mayson Winters arrives in London after inheriting the title of the Earl of Welborn. The ruthless Mayson threatens the wellbeing of Faye’s ill mother unless she agrees to befriend the Marquess of Turlington. At a masquerade ball hosted by the marquess, Faye encounters a mysterious gentleman and soon finds herself embroiled in a world of espionage and danger.

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