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SciFi and Fantasy

Morgan Abbey’s life is about to change. Just weeks before the beginning of her senior year, a mysterious stranger approaches Morgan with information that turns her world on end: First, the psychic ability she believes she has just been pretending to have since middle school might actually be real. Second, her mother, who disappeared abruptly and completely almost a decade ago, might still be alive.

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Bitter Aries
Hey, I’m Ezekial (‘Zeke’ to my friends) Sunstone. The only demon in the history of Hell without magic. Yeah, me! You would think being an outcast would keep me away from the attention of Lucifer’s Council, but apparently, they see something in me to use. So, now I’m leaving the Underworld and heading to Seattle to find a runaway demon. Oh, and did I mention the demon happens to be Aries? The first of his name. The first of the Zodiac. An ancient demon. One of our most powerful magic users. Or did I forget? You will have to excuse me. Heading to the Overworld, the only place where demons can be killed, has me distracted.

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