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Heart of the Violist
Ashlyn may finally have her life under control. Abandoned by her own mother when she was a kid, Ashlyn found a home when the Castletons embraced her as their fourth child. Nowadays Ashlyn plays viola in the Castleton String Quartet. She’s got a family and rent money. What more could she ask for? After months of searching for his biological family, Michael has just seen his DNA results. Astonishingly, he has a full sister–violinist Lindsey Castleton. One frenzied drive later, Michael finds Lindsey performing with her string quartet, alongside the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

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The Recluse of Wolfeton House
Hattie Green is five and twenty, unmarried, and growing tired of waiting for fate to hand her a soul mate. But when her sister-in-law arrives for a visit with the intent of helping her find a husband by any means necessary, Hattie digs in her heels—for everyone knows that fate cannot be forced. The Duke of Bentley has gone to extreme measures to ensure his privacy and seclusion far away from Society—the distance is imperative if he wants to keep his family name free of scandal. So when his lovely neighbor breaks through his carefully constructed barriers and piques his interest with their shared affection for painting, Bentley agrees to give her lessons on the condition that they keep them secret.

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