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Growing the Orchids
Quite a few children experience frustration and challenges within all of their frameworks – at school, in their homes and in their other surroundings. These children pose a much greater challenge than usual for adults, but this is only due to the fact that these adults have yet to find the right way to truly listen to the children’s distress and help them emerge victorious from all of their challenges.

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Jesus Ascended
Jesus rose. But Christ didn’t just rise from the dead. He ascended to Heaven. We hear the stories about Peter and John and all the heroes of the New Testament, and they’re unstoppable Christians–fearless and bold. And sometimes we wrongly assume that they just got that way. That Christ died for their sins, and bam! They’re instantly changed! On the contrary, the disciples were actually quite cowardly in their actions after the Resurrection. It wasn’t until after the Ascension that they were on fire for Christ. So, what happened during the forty days? Something happened.

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