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A Misty Morning Murder
Just as Jesse Camden is ready to shake herself out of her romantic rut and take a giant step forward with Sheriff Joe Tyler, a dead ex-fiance reaches out to yank her two steps back. Misty Bennett, seventeen-year-old daughter of Jesse’s former beau Ronald Bennett, is the closest thing to a daughter of her own that Jesse has ever had. So when Misty flees from her father’s overbearing bride-to-be and travels across two states to arrive on Jesse’s doorstep, Jesse takes the girl in. And when the fiancée herself shows up demanding the girl’s return, Jesse sends the woman packing and vows to keep Misty safe until her father comes for her.

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Die in the Wool
Tash Mallory’s future is in the balance when her employer “Auntie Fran” (no relation) fires her from the knitting shop job she’s held for twenty years. Even worse, when Tash returns to confront her, she finds Fran’s dead body in the back room. Luckily, the doctor soon concludes the death is from natural causes. A decision cast into doubt when Tash finds out she’s inherited Fran’s store and home.

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