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Murder is a Family Business
It’s a dismal day for the PI firm to the stars of Silicon Valley when their own star is huddled in a phone booth instead of tracking down stolen software. Sadly, ace detective Lee Alvarez is currently taking shelter from a deluge while surveilling some rat of a husband. This is way beneath her dignity! Worse, she may be trapped with another rat. Something in there just moved. But Lee’s luck just changed—that’s no drowned rat. It’s her thoroughly drenched, pathetically skinny, and terminally cute new BFF— an orange and white kitten tiny enough to fit in a pocket. Well, forget the surveillance.

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Barefoot in the Parking Lot
When the hotshot CEO of a famed AI company and tech powerhouse is found dead, detectives Angela White and Paul Conley are called in to investigate. The deeper they wade into the evidence, the longer the suspect list grows. They soon come face-to-face with the dark and sordid world that lies just under Silicon Valley’s polished and pristine exterior. From jealous ex-lovers to rival tech giants, Jay has created powerful enemies, all of whom would be happy to see him dead–and all of whom have solid alibis.

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