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A Day To Fight
Months after an EMP strike, Ben Riker, a prepper and former lieutenant with the Asheville Fire Department, finds himself spread thin as the enemy responsible for the EMP detonation seeks revenge against him. Hoping to strengthen his alliance with a small military outpost to defend his family and friends from another attack, Ben must travel with a prudent Colonel to prevent the enemy from creating anotherweapon of mass destruction.

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Harry Hunter Mystery Series: Book 1-2
Detective Harry Hunter of Miami PD’s homicide squad throws himself into a case no one asked him to solve. Four teenagers from one of Miami’s affluent neighborhoods are murdered on a boat. Another is found dead in a dumpster. All five of them go to the same school and are on a list of witnesses to another crime. Because he’s in bad standing with his boss, Harry is given the task of protecting a possible future victim, but Harry isn’t always known to follow his boss’s orders. Soon, he’ll risk everything while racing to stop a killer who has left everyone else in the homicide squad shaking in terror.

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US UK and CA

Ropin’ the Moon
He had tumbleweed in his blood, moving from one town to the next. Traveling to where there was trouble, he was hired to tame wild places with a fast draw and an iron will. Lacy knew that Dalton wouldn’t be around long and she shouldn’t be tempted by him. But like the moon, his pull on her was a natural, powerful force that she was helpless to resist.

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US UK and CA

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